Roll Ice Cream Machine


Ice Cream Rolls are an innovative format of Ice Cream that are made live on metal plate which is chilled to -20 degrees.

The Roll Ice Cream Machine makes Ice Creams Rolls on a chilled metal plate. The machine can reach temperatures as low as -23 degrees. The electrical design and chilling process of the machines uses the latest refrigeration technology. The machine is highly reliable and perfect for providing a unique Ice Cream experience to your customers.

iFruit provides you complete training on operating the machines and also training on the recipes and the various formats of mixes and sundaes that sell at our Franchisees. Rolls Ice Creams taste the best for fresh fruits and citrus flavours like orange, pineapple, kiwi etc. We also have a very exotic range of chocolate based recipes like Fererro, Nutella Sundae etc. Our trainers will provide you complete training on our recipes and shall also provide support to you to develop your own flavours and recipes.

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