Sandwich Grill Machine

This is a near perfect grilled sandwich maker with which you can make delicious grilled sandwiches, panini and many other grilled good items. Cast iron plates with a non-stick coating are responsible for the cooking process. You can easily prepare two sandwiches, and all this is possible due to the specially treated surface. The body of this device is made of durable stainless steel.

Large list of Recipes for the Sandwich Grill

Grilled Sandwiches and Panini sandwiches are incredibly nutritious. In addition, they are easy to take away. This is why the sandwich grill is ideal for food preparation businesses like the iFruit Fast Food and Ice Cream Business. Our franchisees make a lot of revenue from both in dining as well as delivery of sandwiches which are made on the sandwich grill.

Nice and Robust design

Due to its convenient design, this device is easy to operate and, therefore, very safe to use. All operations of this machine are controlled by a switch and a temperature control knob. Also, this device is equipped with non-slip rubber feet and a heat-resistant handle.

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