Mini Pan Cake Machine

This machine makes mini Pancakes!

Have you ever heard about Mini Pancakes? It’s a traditional Dutch recipe. Mini Pancakes look like mini soft balls. They are normally made with yeast powder and batter similar to waffles but we provide you our specialised pre-mix. This deliciousness has a fluffy sponge structure. It’s a perfect decision for a snack or breakfast. Cook many delightful pancakes at one time with this pan cakes maker!

Why the Mini Pancakes Grill at iFruit?

Perfect breakfast with a light texture

With special baking molds, mini pancakes have perfect round shape, they are golden-brown on the top, and have fluffy spongy texture inside. Freshly cooked mini pancakes are so appetizing that your customers won’t resist coming back again.

Lovely Mini Pancakes may be served in different ways

These mini pancakes may be served with dulcet toppings like syrup, cream, or berries. In the Netherlands, Mini Cakes are commonly sold in dozens with a handle of butter in the center and strewed with sugar powder. You can also eat it with fruit, gelato, Ice Cream, or jam. We also provide batter for IDLI pancakes which are like the south indian snacks item Idli.

High Machine Quality

Due to its capacity, this machine has a perfect size, which is perfect for the iFruit Business. At the same time, the capacity is enough to meet the demand of our growing business. The nonstick molds can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

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