Electric Fryer Machine

The iFruit Electric Fryer is designed for cooking, frying and warming food. The machine comes with 2 tanks and 2 removable fryer baskets. Overall capacity of 12 liters (6 per tank) allows it to serve big quantities within short time periods. This deep fryer is a must have for the iFruit Fast Food & Ice Cream business to provide fried foods like chips, french fries, burger, patties etc.

Why this deep fryer is the best choice for the iFruit Business?

Suitable for variety of products

What makes the iFruit Commercial Deep Fryer indispensable for a the business is the variety of food that can be cooked – French fries, burger patties or other snacks which can get deep fried. With a double basket, you can cook two different snacks at the same time.

Safe usage and overheat fuse

Indicator lights on a control panel show when the fryer is plugged and the oil is ready for frying. This electric fryer is also equipped with an overheat protections system, which can cut off power automatically if the oil temperature goes beyond limits.

Smart design

Our Electric Deep Fryer comes with a large stainless steel lid, which is designed for keeping the pot warm, thereby saving food preparation time, not mentioning protection of the kitchen and user from oil splashes. Residue barrier plate serves for filtering out the dregs.

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