Belgium Waffle Machine

The iFruit Belgian Waffle Machine makes waffles that are beyond breakfast and into sweet and savory dishes. These are designed with some unique features to ensure even results. The iFruit Single Belgian Waffle Maker bakes up to 25 Belgian waffles per hour. Specially-coated nonstick plates easily release flawlessly formed Belgian waffles which are crispy fresh and tasty!

The iFruit Waffle Machine is a high quality, easy to clean, commercial waffle maker, which delivers exceptional texture and flavor with short cook times, you take waffle-making up a notch, and your customers deserve nothing less. And, having a great waffle recipe or two doesn’t hurt.

Why Beligan Waffles?

Belgian waffles are made with a lighter batter and are typically larger, with bigger squares and deeper grid pockets. They’re traditionally made with yeast, which gives them a fluffier quality, while classic waffles are usually made with baking powder, which makes them thinner and crunchier. Liege waffles are similar to Belgian waffles but sweeter and denser, with irregular edges. Made with a yeast dough adapted from brioche bread dough, they’re made with a pearl sugar coating that caramelizes for a distinctively decadent flavor.

Waffles are a perennial favorite at breakfast restaurants and Snacks in the modern world, so it makes sense that it’s on the menu at Fast Food Outlets who need a continuous revenue stream. Waffles are very popular and provide your iFruit outlet a fantastic source of revenue and profitability.

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