Start your Ice Cream & Fast Food Business

We will set the equipment. We will train you. We will help you run the ice cream & fast food business.


Hundreds of products you can sell!

We provide you the equipment and training to sell hundreds of products across sandwiches, pizza, burger, breads, cookies, waffles, cakes, pan cakes, doughnuts, Ice Creams, Milk Shakes, Smoothies, Sundaes, Sorbets, and more…

iFruit Fast Food

Fast Food

Fast Food sells the whole day. Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks or Dinner we have items for all.

iFruit Ice Cream

Ice Creams

Ice Creams are high margin products. Super Revenue, Super Profit, Super Business.

iFruit Drinks


Drinks are cool. They provide additional revenue with great profit margins.


It's Easy to Learn...

We help you with all the equipment and training required for the success of your business. For first 10 days our trainer works with you at your iFruit Fast Food & Ice Cream outlet.

Unlimited Opportunities!

With hundreds of products across Fast Food like Pizza, Sandwiches, Burgers, Chips, Waffles, Pan Cakes and Bakery products like Cakes, Cookies, Gourmet Breads and Ice Cream & Smoothies the sky is the limit! Build a Business, Grow your wealth, Boost your Income. 

Menu for Everybody

We hate looking for a button for ages; you want have to do it here.

Easy to Learn & Operate

You'll find the section you need in a glance due to the vivid visuals.


Fast Growth

All your data is visualized, so you don't have to deal with numbers.

High Profit Margins

You'll get a detailed report on your spending habits every month.

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